Post COVID-19 School Life for Students: How may it look like?

School administration and government bodies have started preparing mentally to draw out a plan to open learning institutions. Some schools are functional but with government-enforced guidelines and extreme preventive measures. 


The situation is similar all over the world, and everyone is wondering what will post covid-19 school life look like. By keeping the trends and innovations in education technology, the article aims to showcase the pointers that will best define post-pandemic school life. 

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Adjusting to the new normal 

Adjusting to the new model will play a significant role in determining post-covid school life. The infrastructure of the school will observe an innovation to deploy preventive measures. 

For example, innovation in architecture will see a boost in managing a large number of students. Moreover, the interior layout will be different to employ social distancing. A classroom that has a capacity of holding 30 students will have only about half of that. 


The schools will aim to use natural air and ventilation, rather than depending on mechanical air conditioning. More importantly, where the classes are being held will be a crucial topic of discussion. Apart from modifying the interior layout, teachers will try to conduct practical activities on open ground or terraces.  


Effective precautionary measures

Students will have to learn to adhere to precautionary measures. Before entering school, they will have to go through a hand sanitising process, disinfecting the shoes, and regular temperature checks. For instance, GIIS School Bangalore has deployed sanitising stations, desk shields, and measures to avoid student grouping.  


Moreover, deploying effective precautionary measures will mean extra vigilance from the teacher. Young learners have close contact with peers, and older students may find it troubling to adhere to the standards. By keeping all these essentials in mind, the teacher's role in overseeing the learners will be different and more intensive.  


Covid-19 has ungloved vulnerabilities in all spheres of life. But we have been able to mitigate its effects with the use of technology, especially in learning. Schools, students, teachers, and parents have understood the benefits of e-learning. So, it is safe to say that it is here to stay, even in the post covid world. 


We may observe schools utilising a blended approach to interweave virtual learning with classroom education. Or using technology to conduct a parent-teacher meeting. Post covid-19, innovation will lead to working out the tweaks by Ed-tech companies and schools. 

Temperature checks


Support for students

After being stuck in homes for months, students will join school once again. But they will require extra support to this shift in paradigm. Learners spent their days looking at the screen of their laptop, mobile phones, and televisions. They had little or no time to play outside and face to face interaction with their peers. 


Moreover, students of various ages will have completely different problems after moving to school. For instance, young students are close to their families as the parents continue to work from home. Transformation to regular classes may cause separation anxiety. Or, staying away from home for a more extended period can become a problem. To deal with all these issues, students will need support from the teachers and parents. 


A new role for teachers

2020 served up new challenges for the teachers, and it is safe to say that they dealt with the problems heroically. After the move to classrooms, 'teachers' work will be even more crucial than before. They will have new roles lined up to ensure the development of the students. 


With new preventive measures in place, teachers will have the new role of ensuring the learners' social and mental well-being. The part of the teachers will revolve around identifying gaps and developing teaching strategies to tackle new problems. It can include training, peer-to-peer learning, and collaboration with other teachers, and much more. 


The enhanced role of parents 

The parents' role will matter even more to streamline the return to school post-covid-19, and they will assume their newfound responsibilities. For instance, incorporating a ''leading with an example approach'' will help learners adapt to the new normal. 


Young minds have a curious take on multiple things. More importantly, they imitate their elders, so it will help to demonstrate the dos and don'ts to inculcate the precautionary measures correctly.


During the re-coronavirus period, the focus was on developing teachers, modifying curriculum, and other factors. But recently, professionals in the educational field have started thinking about the involvement of parents in an unprecedented manner. The lockdown forced the learners to stay at home and bolster the participation of the parents. Even after the pandemic, parents will have a new role to collaborate with the teachers to ensure the learners' holistic development. 


Conclusion - Collective Effort 

In the above article, we discussed multiple factors that gave us a glimpse into post-covid-19 school life. But the teachers, students, and parents will have to work together to streamline schools' opening. All the parties will have an equal responsibility and hope for a better future for young minds. 

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