What are the steps before using a proofreading service?

The task of correcting documents is not the most attractive, especially when it comes to our texts, and these are made up of dozens of pages. One of the obstacles that all professionals run into is a lack of inspiration or even an excess of it.

These two situations directly affect the moment in which we have to review and correct a text, and at the same time, the fact of being immersed in the same topic for a long time makes the task more complicated.

Reviewing and correcting texts is not an opportunity to rewrite them; in fact, the first tip should be to write your text error free in the first time; in this way, you will avoid having to make multiple corrections.

We want to offer you some tips that we believe are basic to speed up the process, we hope they will be useful to you.

1. Plan and take your time

Reviewing a text under pressure will do you little or nothing. So the first thing you should do, even before writing the text, is to make a plan that includes the revision time, which must be according to the length of the text. We advise you to do the revision one day after having written the text; this will help you clear your mind and forget about the subject a bit, which will also give you new ideas. One can also take help of Proofreading Services for this task.

2. Print it

Having text physically in your hands speeds up the revision process since you will not get lost between the computer page breaks, nor will you tire your eyes with the reflection and brightness of a screen; you can also make notes directly on the paper.

Of course, the fact of printing a text for review implies that later you will have to carry out the pertinent corrections. However, it is more practical than making the corrections directly and on the spot. By the way, use recycled paper.

3. Identify previous or common mistakes

When you are self-correcting your texts, you already know in advance what things are where you normally fail, for example, spelling, style, coherence, etc. In this way, you must bear in mind these failures to avoid or correct them without investing too much time.

 4. Have the grammar rules at hand

Obviously, just after having finished a text, the first thing you should do is run it through the spell checker; if for some reason you do not have one on your computer, use the online tools at your fingertips. Google Drive gives you the ability to create text documents online, which have automatic spell checking, so you have no excuse.

Once this is done, you can focus on reviewing the style, the correct position of the punctuation marks and the fluency of the text.

 5. Hire the services of an expert

If it is a thesis, white paper or an official document, it is best that you hire the services of a Book proofreading expert to obtain the best results. In the ago, you can find hundreds of experts willing to give you a quote and review your text even on the same day.

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