4 Tips To Build Your Email List From Scratch

 1) Encourage To Sign Up Immediately

Personalized CTAs should be strategically placed on landing pages and blog posts. But how can you entice the rare, but real, visitor who wants to sign up immediately?


The easiest way to create a customized CTA for a newsletter focused on one or two topics is to simply create a CTA that mirrors the newsletter's purpose, such as, "Want free SEO tips? Sign up for our newsletter!”


2) More Landing Pages 

Having individual and personalized landing pages help you reach a wider demographic. People visit your website for different reasons, so the more landing pages you create to address their concerns, the more signups you'll receive from your site.


This is similar to a restaurant menu. The more you can cater for specific demographic preferences, the more customers you'll attract. You can offer the juiciest burgers for one person while another wants good sushi.


3) Create A CTA On Your About Page 

The About Us page is incredibly beneficial for conversions. Imagine how often you go to the About Us page for a brand you don't care about?


The About Us page should inspire visitors to want more from you, but that might not be enough to persuade them to buy or make a purchase. A CTA that asks them to sign up for a newsletter is an easier sell than an urgent "buy now" plea.


4) Pitch Your Email Newsletter On Your Social Media Accounts 

No matter how small your email list is, you likely have a network. If you have a following on Instagram, a fan base on Facebook, and businesses you communicate with via email, why not leverage those connections to grow your email list?


A good way to introduce your email newsletter is through your business's social networking accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The people who follow you already like your brand or service, but they might not necessarily be the same people receiving your newsletter. You have to give them that option.


For those who do not want to pitch email newsletters on social media, you can also include a link in your email signature. This link could get your reader directly to your newsletter, or it could be a link directly to a blog post you wrote or a landing page filled with email subscription CTA’s.


The most effective channel for generating leads is email, but it requires a lot of time to manage. With the help of the tool GetEmail.io, you can find email addresses of anyone, based on their first name, last name, and the domain of their company.

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