Top 5 Advantages of using social media marketing for your business


Social media marketing means the practice of using social media platforms and networks to connect your brand with a targeted audience and drive revenue. If you want to succeed your brand at social media marketing, your brand must create content that matches the interest of the target audience, need to track the engagement rate by using analytics and use this data for continuous improvement on social media.

Your brand-customer already interacts with another brand on social media, if you not using social media like Facebook, Twitter to interact with the customer then you missing out on a great opportunity. The total number of social media users increasing every day. Facebook has 1.5 billion monthly users, Twitter has over 300 million, and LinkedIn has 250 million users. You can easily realize the importance of social media by this data and most of the marketer is now realize the potential of social media to their brand.

Here are some benefits of social media which I will show you below:

1.       Enhance brand awareness:  Social media marketing is one of the cost-efficient digital marketing strategies. The brand can use social media to increase its visibility. When you use social media marketing for your company you will hugely increase your brand awareness and reorganization because you interact with a broad audience of the consumer. Only interaction of people to your content can increase your brand awareness. Each post that you shared on social media will introduce the brand to new individuals, the more people know about you is better for your business. No doubt social media page of brand give lot benefit to company, the regular use can generate a wide audience for your business.

2.       Improve Search engine ranking: Daily posting on social media can increase traffic on the website.  To increase ranking on Google it is important to generate traffic organically to your website. Social media examiners say that some marketers who use social media for more than 1 year still see improvement in their search ranking.

3.       High conversion rate:  With increase visibility on the internet you have a high chance of a conversion.  Every blog post, image, and video has the potential to increase traffic. Social media help you to give a good impression to your customer.

4.       Better customer satisfaction:  It is key to increase business. Social media helps your brand to understand the need of your audience. Social media have an analytical tool that helps your business to understand the behavior of your audience. You need to focus on a specific keyword or specific product that your user used to search it. Investment in customer service will result in customer loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.

5.       Cost-Effective: The most cost-effective aspect of an advertising campaign is social media marketing. Almost all social networking platforms allow you to sign up and create a profile for free, and any paid promotions you want to invest in are relatively inexpensive compared to other marketing methods. Being cost-effective allows you to get a good return on investment and allocate more funds for company needs.

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