A Beginner’s Guide to High Quality Academic Transcripts

Academic transcripts are perhaps the closest thing students have as a permanent record. They specify your educational history including the courses you completed, your grades, and whether or not you got your graduation degree. They at times list extra information like awards for your performance, honour code breaches, and probations.

Transcripts tend to open a wide range of academic doors. They help you transfer credits from one institution to another and are considered the best way to authenticate your prior accomplishments. Many students still struggle to develop their transcripts. The following write-up specifies everything necessary. Please check it out now.

The Checklist for Getting Academic Transcripts

Applying for college can be tremendously stressful if you have attended many schools previously. Now you do not have to be a pro to navigate the procedure seamlessly. Just follow the below-mentioned pointers diligently.

·         Contact the admissions office of the chosen college and ask them about their transcription policy.


·         Chalk down all the schools you have attended regardless of the duration.


·         Fill in the transcript request form of each school. You can fill out the form online but you have to pay a small fee.


·         If the school from where you need the transcript is closed, get in touch with the organization that supervises higher education in your area. They can tell you how to procure the transcript.


·         Follow up with the college you are planning on applying to make sure they have every transcript.


·         After the college received the transcripts, interact with an academic consultant to discuss what classes you would like to transfer. In certain cases, you must fill out the application form and request your classes to be transferred or to appeal for transfer credit or denial.

What does an Academic Transcript Contain?

A proper academic transcript must have the below-mentioned things.

·         Academic transcripts have a list of all the classes you have taken, even the ones you did not complete.


·         The scores you got in all the classes. Most transcripts include a letter grade and number


·         It will jot down the dates during which you took the classes.


·         The transcript should also have grade point average or GPA of your last semester or itemize the GPA for every semester.


·         It will have personal data such as your full name, student identification number, and date of birth

·         Official transcripts are accepted in colleges and universities and they have a signature, seal, and other elements that indicate the documentation came from registrar’s office.

The experts providing academic transcription services said in most cases, you cannot just pick out a copy of the transcript and take it to a new university. Your old school have to directly send the transcripts to the new school. This can take a couple of weeks, so, please be patient.

Creating top-notch academic transcripts can be tad difficult and time-consuming especially when you have no experience. Most college students seek third-party assistance, and you must do the same. Hire someone qualified who can create error-free documents for a reasonable price within a short period.

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