How to Change or Correct Name on Copa Airlines Ticket?

It is common for guests to make mistakes when booking their flights. We can refer to it as a rush or excitement that prompts someone to make mistakes on the reservation form. They submit the application without double-checking the name or other details, enter them wrongly, and subsequently receive the same information on the PNR.

About Copa Airlines' stance about name changes, it's just another reason to applaud the carrier. The carrier has made an amazing effort to make the name modification procedure straightforward, user-friendly, and convenient, much like with many other service rules. Check Copa Airlines Name Change to avoid error free journey.


How Can I Correct My Name on My Copa Airlines Ticket?

Prior to taking action, it is important to understand the most effective and lawful methods for modifying one's name. This section of the blog will provide you with a thorough breakdown of the many platforms available to you for this purpose. Let's keep an eye on it.

  • Copa Airlines Announces Online Name Change-
  • Start by going to Copa Airlines' official website.
  • You can now access your account by entering the username and password and the associated email ID.
  • After that, the user can move on to the Manage My Booking area.
  • Select the appropriate reservation from the listing after you've reached the next page.
  • To modify your personal details after that, you'll need to enter the reservation number and last surname.
  • Verify all necessary edits and make sure everything is correct before submitting.
  • You can now complete the process by paying the necessary money.
  • Copa Airlines will ultimately email you a confirmation with the most recent information about your ticket.

Via Phone Call

To make the necesary corrections to your ticket, you may also give Copa Airlines a call. A real person will help you with the name change and address any questions you may have when you contact them. To use the phone call method, follow these instructions:

  • Make a call to the Copa Airlines phone number.
  • Select the language you want to use and then click on the IVR to modify the ticket.
  • After then, you'll have to wait for customer service to answer your call.
  • Talk about the change you wish to make to your ticket and distribute the pertinent files.
  • The executive will rectify the situation and offer the pertinent information.

What fees does Copa Airlines impose for name changes?

Depending on the ticket value, changing the name on a Copa Airlines ticket can cost anywhere from $50 to $75 in addition to any relevant taxes and penalty fees. You can visit their office or use "My Trips" to make the direct payment. Contact customer support if you need any additional help or information.

What Are the Guidelines for Modifying a Copa Airlines Ticket's Name?

According to a policy established by Copa Airlines, the traveller's name on the ticket and their passport or other official travelling document must match. The name on the ID must correspond with the first and last names. There can only be one name change per ticket, and the first, middle, and last name modifications can each contain no more than three characters.

If I Spell Something wrong on my Copa Airlines ticket, can I change the name?

If you need to correct your name due to a spelling error or legal error, you are able to do it on your Copa Airlines ticket.

Does Copa Airlines Charge for Name Corrections?

Yes, changing your name may incur fees from Copa Airlines. The cost of the fee varies depending on several factors, including whether or not the ticket was purchased through a travel agency, whether or not additional modifications are requested regarding the date, time, or location of the flight, and the cost of an international trip.

You could check their official website or give Copa Airlines' customer support a call for the most current details on fees.

Situations relating to the Name Change on Copa Airlines

In order to obtain the name change, you must fill out and submit the Copa Airlines Name Correction Form.

  • There can only be one name change per ticket.
  • Adding another person's name to your ticket or completely changing the name are prohibited.
  • It is not acceptable to change one's last name and entire name at the same time.
  • The option to change the name can only be extended to people who haven't previously taken advantage of it.
  • The first, last, and middle names are the only three characters that cannot be changed.

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