How do I Book the Spirit Airlines Flight Unaccompanied Minors Policy Service?

Does your youngster have to go on an independent trip? Choose Spirit Airlines, where minors permit to unaccompanied. When your kids use Spirit Airlines' minor offerings, they are in capable hands. You are comfortable at home. Thus, when your child is on their Spirit-filled journey. There is no need to worry about taking the kids on a trip by themselves.

How does Spirit Airlines handle unaccompanied minors?

Does your child go alone with Spirit? Spirit Airlines has a minor policy that you should be aware of. Which makes your child's journey easier by acting as a guide. Here are the rules. Spirit allows you to book your children as UMNR passengers on flights from the ages of five and fourteen.

Kids can travel alone on straight domestic routes to the US Virgin Islands and the island nation of Puerto Rico. Minors flying alone restrict by Spirit Airlines Infant Policy when they: 

  • Travel overseas.
  • Establishing connections during domestic travel Domestic travel necessitating a flying change.

How can I schedule an unaccompanied minor service with Spirit?

Online Reservation Visit the official website of Spirit Airlines.

  • Give your child's travel plan information.
  • Determine the number of children traveling alone.
  • Mention each child's birthdate who is going in an UMNR. To proceed, click the "Continue" button. Each trip's price will display in a window that pops up.
  • Examine the Spirit Airlines minors flying alone agreement close. Click the Accept button.
  • Finish the reservation by following the on-screen instructions. once the process has finished.
  • The Spirit Airlines travel confirmation will send to the email address you entered.
  • Approach Offline in the event that the online approach did not work for you. You can be dependent on the offline feature.
  • To achieve this, all you need to do is give a customer service representative a call.

Here is how it works:

  • Make a call to customer service.
  • Keep a watchful eye on the IVR. Stick to the guidelines.
  • When you contact by a live representative. Tell them what reservations you need.
  • Provide the information required to reserve the UMNR.
  • Should you need any further services? Talk about them.
  • Transfer the funds. You've been successful in booking an airfare for your youngster to travel safe.

The Spirit Unaccompanied Child Charge: How much does it cost?

Spirit Airlines charges a little fee for their unaccompanied child services. With these costs, your children receive special attention all along the journey. They receive beverages and snacks. The Spirit unaccompanied minor fee is only $150 per child, one-way.

Important Things Spirit Airlines minors flying alone.

1: Limitations on Age: Children from five to fourteen regarded as unaccompanied minors by Spirit Airlines. If the caregivers or parents so desire. Ages 15 to 17 are eligible to use UM.

Step 2: Tips for Making Reservations. Making travel plans for a child. Who is alone needs parents or guardians to contact Spirit Airlines' bookings team. The young tourist needs to know everything. And get details while making reservations for a simple trip.

Step 3: Service Fee Explore Spirit Airways' Minor Service solution. On Spirit Airlines, there is a service cost for unaccompanied kids on each trip.

This fee ensures the airline can provide more help and check over these young travellers.

Step 4: Locations for drop-off and pick-up. Children must bring to the terminal by their guardians or parents. And must sign in at the Spirit Airways desk.

The individuals named on the minor's unaccompanied form are the sole individuals. Who permit to pick up the kid at the point of departure.

Step 5: Assist with initiation Unaccompanied children. Taken care of by Spirit Airlines' compassionate and considerate staff. while they are in the air. Flight attendants check them. These young kids assist by them.


Spirit Airlines provides easy travel for your tiny angel. All the while preserving their comfort and safety. If you must send a kid to a destination by themselves, you should not concern.

Since Spirit will look after them in the finest way possible. There is always a flight attendant on hand to take care of your kid. And to make sure they have the best possible vacation. Keep in mind the information mentioned above.

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You will be aware of the rules. To keep to once you take your child on a Spirit Airways unattended minor trip to reach their destination.

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