Important Tools To Use For Your SEO Efforts

Since the onset of the internet and the emergence of search engines, the world of search engine optimization has gone through fast changes and complexity. The changes are due in part to the search engines changing their algorithms frequently. Some of these changes are minor while others are real real major. Examples are when Google launched the Penguin back in 2012 and before that the Panda algorithms.  At the same time, the methods that have proved successful in the past for specific markets are not likely to work in new situations. In order to be able to optimize the website according to the trends that is occurring, some new tools become important. So, the need for the creation of new SEO tools also is constantly rising. This is a necessity, since the old ones are changing and yet the need for them is never ending.

Here Are Some New SEO Tools That Are Important:

Content Management Systems

Initially, you had to create your website from scratch by coding your web pages which were static. You had to spend hours using HTML and you had to code every page separately. This was a very long process and consumed a lot of time until the introduction of PHP which made web pages a little bit dynamic and less time consuming. The advent of Content Management Systems (CMS) would later change the way websites are created.
If you are using a content management system like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or Squarespace, then you can use its tools to create an optimized content page. Also, Squarespace makes this process simple by providing a content management system plugin that allows easy addition of optimized pages to your blog. I am a fan of Wordpress and don't think I am ready to change to something else.

Wordpress has the advantage that you have millions of plugins that are available free to help you with tasks often found the most complicated SEO tools. These days, almost everything about reset wordpress is optimized for the search engines.

Website Speed Test

The speed of your website has been a discussion for years and it appears that this year 2021 will be the year Google will start to seriously look into this aspect. If the website that you have is not loading quickly, then you are not using the tools that are provided by the CMS. There are many tools that will help you to find out the problem and to take care of them. Google's webpagetest is one such tool that you can use to find out the actual bandwidth/load time of your page.

Page Rank

Google PageRank is a number that gives you an idea about how popular your page is. If your page rank is very low, then you have to consider if your page can be popular by adding some unique content. If the PageRank is zero, then there is a possibility that your page is very unpopular and needs a lot of work.

Google stopped to update this tool a while back and certain similar tools have emerged from third party creators. Such SEO tools are Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) scales that were created by Moz. If you don't want to buy the full license, you can use the free version of their Chrome tool bar with limited options.

Social Networking 

I think by now every search engine optimization expert knows that social signals are one of the ranking factors which Goolgle uses to assess how popular a website is and as such serve it in its search results. There are tools available that will use the popularity of your page to increase your popularity.

Keyword Rankings 

It is very vital to keep track of what keywords your site is ranking for and their positions. Monitoring the positions of keywords and key phrases is important. You will know how each of them is performing and how you can improve the performances. The website rankings are also important for the purpose of increasing your visibility or popularity. There are many tools that will let you to take control of your rankings. The SEO Company that I work for in Houston Texas  uses a bunch of these tools. Some of them are free versions while we use some on a monthly subscription basis.

The above are some of the important tools that are used in order to optimize your site Many of the above-mentioned tools are easy to use and will help you to find the best solution for your problem. This also is very easy and hassle-free than choosing the popular services or the ones that are demanding. There are many of these tools that are used to optimize sites like the ones mentioned above and the use of these tools has increased the performance of websites in search engines.

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