Work Toward Your Long-Term Career Goals With Help From University of Phoenix

published report by the Statista Research Department revealed that more than 24.67 million people were employed on a part-time basis as of January 2021. As the United States continues to pivot toward a part-time and contract-based economy, competition for full-time jobs is beginning to heat up. One of the best ways to transition into a full-time career is by beginning as a temporary or part-time worker within an organization.

Once you establish yourself with a company, sometimes all it takes is the right mindset and a bit of strategy to convert part-time work into full-time employment and success.

Develop and Maintain Professional Connections

Temporary positions are a common way for individuals to pursue full-time employment at a place of business. While part-time positions certainly have their limits, such as limited access to benefits, employees can use the opportunity to progress within the company.

The first thing a temporary employee should do is commit to developing and maintaining professional relationships within the company. The individuals we work alongside today might turn into job leads, potential references, and even advancement opportunities.

Operate from a position of curiosity and gratitude, making it clear that you are there to get the job done right while learning along the way. Use networking opportunities as a chance to showcase your strengths, ask questions to learn about the business, and offer support as applicable.

An eager and ready-to-network professional can go far, especially with a strong work ethic to match.

Pursue Higher Education to Reinforce Your Skill Set

No matter where you are in your career path, pursuing higher education to reinforce our skill set positions you for greater success. Higher education offers a number of advantages for part-time employees.

     Earn More and Live Better: A highly qualified employee with reinforced skills can earn more and accelerate quicker in their career journey. No longer needing a full two-year or four-year degree, students can upgrade their resume and their skills with 5-Week Certification Courses offered online.

     Stand Out From Your Peers: As a part-time employee looking to transition into a full-time career path, standing out from your colleagues and peers should become an instant priority. Make sure to let your manager or supervisor know when you enroll and invest in your education. Showcasing a willingness to learn and improve can go a long way toward impressing your colleagues.

Learn From University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix was founded to help address the rapidly changing and evolving needs of the modern workplace. From the very beginning, University of Phoenix was founded on the idea that higher education should be more readily available.

Students interested in enrollment with University of Phoenix are advised to apply at their earliest convenience with the university’s admissions team. University of Phoenix offers associate, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees along with a range of certification programs to meet each individual’s professional needs.

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